IPL: Intense Pulse Light Hair Removal

What You Need To Know About IPL

The IPL system is not technically a laser. However, the IPL light machines effect the hair the same way a laser does in most respects. In fact, the mechanics are the same. The light targets the melanin and pigment in the hair to destroy the hair follicles.


The IPL is generally more flexible than true laser based systems. This is because there is no set wavelength, unlike most lasers. The wavelength can be set according to your skin type and hair type. However, the IPL system is less effective for very light hair types.

The IPL system was designed to cover a larger amount of skin than most lasers resulting in a fairly fast treatment times.


  • Effective on most skin and hair types because of the ability to change wavelengths to the needs of the individual.
  • This system can cover large areas of skin quickly.
  • Less risk of injury to surrounding tissues than with most laser treatments.


  • Cannot be used on tanned or sunburned skin.
  • Not effective for all skin and hair types.
  • Risk of burn and discoloration.

IPL Hair Removal Systems

  • Aculight
  • Epilight
  • PhotoDerm
  • Quantum
  • Vasculight

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