Ruby Laser Hair Removal


Ruby Laser Hair Removal: Explained

Ruby laser hair removal was the first method developed for laser hair removal. It uses a laser beam with a wavelength of 694nm. This wavelength is absorbed by melanin in the skin and hair. Darker hair is particularly susceptible to this absorption. As the hairs absorb this light the follicles are damaged thus stopping or retarding the further growth of hair from that follicle.

The ruby laser hair removal method has a unique cooling system. The focal point of this system is the sapphire handpiece. The system dispels heat away from the skin before, during and after each pulse of the laser.

The handpiece compresses the skin to the handpiece which decreases the probability of laser to skin contact.

What Types Of Skin Will This Work On?

Those with skin types 1 or 2 are most likely to have successful treatments with this type of laser hair removal treatment. This is because light skin doesn’t absorb the ruby laser wavelengths well.

This is the same reason that laser hair removal treatment tends to work better on darker hair.


  • Repeated treatments result in permanent or nearly permanent hair loss.
  • Works well for light skinned people.


  • Possible burns and discoloration of the skin.
  • Cannot be used on dark skin.
  • Laser pulse rate is slower than other methods resulting in longer treatment times.
  • The oldest system still in use.

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