Types Hair Removal Methods

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal, like electrolysis, acts on individual hair follicles. The obvious difference is that a laser is used. In general, it works by heating the hair and destroying it, hopefully destroying the hair growing cells in the process.

Laser Hair Removal


This typically involves a razor of some sort either manual or electric. A typical shaving razor is designed to cut the hair close to the skin. Often some sort of lubricant and moisturizer is used. According to surveys, this is most likely the most common form of hair removal.


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Like shaving, this involves a blade that cuts the hair. Unlike shaving, however, trimming typically does not cut hair as close to the skin as shaving does. Often this is used as a precursor to other forms of hair removal.

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eyebrow plucking


This is what it sounds like. Pulling, or plucking hair out of the skin. Plucking typically refers to the individual plucking of hair. There are many methods and tools to accomplishing this. A common tool are simple tweezers.


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This process is more complicated the most and there are several methods of doing it. In general, the process involves a needle inserted into each hair follicle. The needle is used to deliver different methods of electrolysis all of which kill the hair follicle.

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depilatory cream

Depilatory Cream

Depilatory creams have been around for a long time. In theory, they chemically burn the hair and hopefully the follicles. This can result in permanent hair loss.

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This is a well-known method of hair removal. It usually involves some sort of wax formula that is heated and then poured onto the area of desired hair removal. Once it has cooled and solidified it is removed taking most of the hair with it.

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sugaring hair removal


Sugaring is beginning to become more popular. Some sources point to its use in ancient Egypt. Today it is a great alternative to waxing. Its mechanism is similar to waxing in that a paste is poured and spread over the spot of desired hair removal. Once the paste has hardened it is removed taking the hair with it. There are some advantages over waxing that some prefer.

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