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My Philosophy on Affiliate Programs

Perhaps, like me and have surfed everywhere and found raving reviews and sites that claimed things in products that seem too good to be true. Turns out many of those are affiliate sites just trying to get in your pocket. Many of those who run those sites almost surely have no real interest in the product and may never have even tried it! I believe affiliate programs should be used with integrity. I will only use affiliate links if the product or service deserves it. However, either way, you don't pay more using my affiliate links, and often you will pay less because I like hunting for deals for you guys. If you are kind enough to use the links I thank you in advance because it helps me maintain the site and pay my bills.

My Approach

My philosophy in life is honesty and selflessness. I believe that this extends to business as well. The sad truth is that in business this is often not the case, especially in the beauty and cosmetics industry. I seek out and find the best advice and products that can help you get rid of unwanted hair the smart way.

My Story

My story is pretty simple. I hate body hair and have always had an unfortunate abundance of it. I made this site because I believe there are many people out there who are frustrated and trying to find good helpful answers to help them get remove unwanted body hair. I hope I can help you.

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